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January 14, 2023

54. Christian Self-Development Challenge

Welcome to episode 54 of the Finding Hope show, a Christian self-improvement challenge.

Key points and takeaways from the episode:

The importance of renewing our minds, renewing our habits, and starting today, the importance of having God in our daily activities, and the importance of trusting in the Word of God

Welcome, everyone to the Finding Hope show, and welcome to episode 54. This is your Christian self-improvement challenge. Because yes, it is still a bright, beautiful new year, and we’re going to renew our minds, renew our habits. And it starts today, there’s always going to be hang-ups in our lives, which is why we must have the mindset that we’re going to start today, take the action, and keep going. And this includes me. I don’t want to stay stuck either. And I realize the daily distractions that get in my way. And I also know that when we have community, and we make goals that we’re we are more inspired to press on. I would love for you to join me on a self-improvement challenge. And I say Christian self-improvement challenge because I don’t want to do this the way the world does it. No, I want to do it according to the Word of God with God. In my life, I don’t want it to be merely about myself, because then we lose our purpose.

All Things are Possible with God

You know, but we know that with God, all things are possible. And God loves us and He wants the best for us. I want God in on my daily activities. I want him a part of my life all the time. You know, we have all kinds of self-help gurus, and then we have counselors. But who can you really trust? Who are you listening to? We know that when we look at the Bible, we can have affirmation, that things are always working for our benefit. We may not always like it. But we can trust God, we can trust what the Word of God says. I want you to challenge yourself every day. It can make commit yourself to grow internally, to becoming a better person. And sometimes this action is not always pretty. You know, I try to attempt a podcast on my car, which is easy. And I’ve done it. But yesterday, I tried to do a video podcast from my car, and it simply did not work and would not upload. I just had to scratch that off the list. But then you see today I’m back at it. And, you know, I’m busy too and have a family.

Pushing Yourself to Achieve you goal

And so it’s not always going to be glamorous. I’m not always going to be in tip-top shape. Some days, I’m going to be tired or stressed. But I want to do something every day to push myself. And there will be days that you know, I don’t want to get on camera, and there may be days that you don’t want to do that thing that you fear. But get it in your head right now that you’re going to attempt to try and say every day, I want you to try this fearful thing. But at least do it. Get it done in three to five days.

You may not make your goal every day. But get it in your mind that you’re going to attempt it every day. If you want to get on camera for your business, that’s not always easy. I hear you on that one. But I want you to get up. And I want you to try and have that in your mind. Okay, five days a week. But then something may get in your way. You know, maybe the kids are fighting in the morning, maybe you’re fighting you and your husband or wife with whatever it may be. At least try every day. But then I want to see you achieve that thing at least three of the five days. Whatever it is you’re pushing for. It’s time to press play. It’s time to move on.

Why you Need to be in the Best Shape

 Because we aren’t promised tomorrow, and You never know what season is going to be next. But you want to be in your best shape mentally, and physically. And most of all, spiritually, we have so many seasons in life. When we get in our head that we’re going to do our best no matter what there were prepared. When that season of life comes, that gets us down. You know, I, myself, was there recently, for a couple of years physically, you know, of course, it’s like a roller coaster, right? All throughout this life, we have ups and downs, but sometimes something knocks us off our feet, we don’t think we’re going to get back up. But then you know, when you, when you do get back up, you see, you know, you’re a different person, you have more trust, you have more faith if you know who you’re looking to. And that’s why I want you to encourage you, I want to encourage you to look to the God of hope, because no matter what, no matter what season you’re in, you can have hope that things will get better, as they did for me as they do for so many people. And that is why we have each other. And that is why we must challenge each other. Mistakes and all. We aim for progress, not perfection. Remember, we’re in a broken world. But keep going. And spiritual, your spiritual life is so important.

Seek first the kingdom of God. Right? Just do it. If you seek God first, then all these things do come in, according to God’s will, which is the better way, which is the way that we can’t always see because we don’t understand because we don’t have the mind of God. No, we have a human mind right now we’re in this human, broken world, and we do need a Savior. I need a Savior. I don’t know about you. But constantly, I feel like these thoughts are coming at me trying to take me down. And it’s like an effort. It takes a strong effort sometimes just to stay on top of them. We must renew our minds now. And one of the challenges that I need in my own life is to consistently you know, yes, I, I read the Bible, that’s renewing our minds. But, I need a little bit more effort into it, because I still have these thoughts. Right. And so we have to get quiet. And remember to get still and turn off social media.  Turn off these noises coming at us consistently. You know, and not all of them. Not all the people in our lives like at work, right? They may not always be pleasant to be around, but they are challenging us.

Get your Feet Firmly Rooted in Christ

We are to be the example in Christ. Get your feet firmly planted, rooted in Christ. And challenge yourself in this season, no matter where you’re at. And if you are sick, and if you can’t get up off your feet right now. Challenge yourself to have more faith. Challenge yourself mentally, so that you’re not going to give up. Because that’s what I had to do. I was in that place where, you know, I had to cry out to God. And we should be thankful for this. But sometimes we don’t cry out enough. We don’t cry out in our everyday lives because things may be going pleasant for us. And so we don’t think we meet God. But then when we’re at a place where we can’t get out of bed, oh, then yes. We do need God and thank God for His grace, thank God that he’s there for us no matter what because he understands he understands that we need a Savior. And we live in this broken world with constant things shooting at us right? Challenge yourself right now at this moment with what you’re going to start changing for the better. I want to thank you so much for listening today and I’m going to challenge myself to make more podcasts. You know sometimes I think everything must be glamorous and perfect. But sometimes you just don’t have to write everything out sometimes so organized you need a plan, Yes, but sometimes you just got to go after it and take action. Say Holy Spirit leave, lead me and that is what I’m doing in the season, and I hope you will join me. If you find me on social message me and tell me what you’re going to start doing new in the season, and what you’re going to challenge yourself with. Thank you for joining me. And remember that the best is yet to come

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