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March 5, 2023

It’s Rehab Time: Recognising Your Need for Change and Turning to Jesus || EP61

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In this episode of the Legendary Faith Podcast, host Alisa Massey discusses the importance of rehabilitating oneself to become the best version of oneself. She points out that everyone needs rehab for something, whether it is a physical, mental, or relational issue, and that Jesus came for the sick and imperfect. Massey encourages listeners to identify the areas of their life that need improvement and to take action without waiting for external circumstances or criticism. She emphasizes the need to focus on personal growth and to seek trusted sources for help. The episode concludes with a call to embrace the opportunity for change and to become the best possible version of oneself.

Welcome everyone to episode 61 of the Legendary Faith Podcast. My name is Alisa Massey and I am so grateful that you’re joining me today. And today. The title of the episode is It’s Rehab Time. because everybody needs some kind of rehab, whether we wanna face it or not. And so I want to ask you today, what is it that you need rehab for?

Maybe it’s not so obvious and you have to be careful. You know, we often look at a drug and alcohol problem. and we shame people. Or you often see that so many times in the news, you know, this celebrity had to go to rehab, or your uncle Benny, right? Finally fessed up to his problem and checked himself into rehab.

Or maybe you convinced him to go maybe. That brother of yours had no choice but to go, you just cut him off. That’s rehab time for them. But what about you? Maybe your problem is not so obvious. Maybe you have an eating disorder. Perhaps you have a problem with sugar and you could lose a few pounds. , maybe your problem is a relational problem.

The truth is we all need rehab for something. You know, in Mark two 17, Jesus said that he came not for the righteous, but came for the sick. Jesus came for you and me because we are not perfect. and Jesus knew that we would need him, but the question is, do we know that we need Jesus? When everything is going great for you, you may be blinded by this truth.

You know, you may not see with your highs that you need Jesus, that you need a savior, but when the times get, that’s when we all need something. We need comfort, and we don’t always go to the right source, unfortunately, and this may result in our situation getting worse or perhaps it’s a time issue. We’re in pain longer than we should have been.

The truth is, we can all trust in Jesus’ plan for our lives. Jesus has already created a great plan for you, but when the times get tough or when they’re not tough, do you know that you’re in desperate need of a savior? And that’s why. We can actually be blessed in our pain. You know, persecution for your faith is not a bad thing.

It happens in the Bible many times. This reveals our true love for Jesus. It reveals our desire to know him.

But today I want you to think about what is it in your life that you need to change. What do you need to go to rehab for? Maybe it’s not obvious. Maybe you need to sit and think about what are you lacking in your life today. Jesus came for this. and maybe our problem, maybe we’re not on our deathbed, maybe we’re not really sick, but maybe we’re sick in the head

We could all be a little sick in the head sometimes, let’s face it. But the thing is, we need to become aware of our problems and work through them. Whatever it is that you need to go to rehab for, there’s no better time than now. There’s no better time than your eyes may be open so that you may see what you’re lacking in your life. Don’t wait until. Something drastically bad happens before you open your eyes or don’t wait until your feelings get hurt or someone else has, has to come to you. No, start now. Start doing the things that you need to do now to make your life better.

The sooner you come open, the sooner you come out with this issue. The more you’re going to enjoy your life. Stop staying in bondage with the things that are holding you back from your very best. It’s time to go to rehab. And maybe this isn’t a physical rehab. Remember, it may not be so obvious. Drugs and alcohol, food disorders, mental.

Those are all things that seem so outstanding and so bad, but the truth is these people are getting help, whether they were forced or not, they’re attempting a better life. They have a better chance. But what about those things that you keep hidden in the dark? When are you ever going to get over them?

when are your eyes going to be open? That’s the question, because if your eyes aren’t open now, then what are you doing? Are you just coasting through life not knowing your God-given purpose? No. Let’s focus on what we need to change the ugly truth about ourselves.

The things that people shame you for, don’t worry about that. You need to focus on what you need to change, not what everybody else is criticizing you for. If a friend comes to you out of love and concern, then that can, you can credit that as valid. On the other hand, if people are shaming you for things that they have no idea about in your life, then brush it off.

People can also be jealous of you. You have to truly focus on what you need to change to become a better person. Ask a trusted friend. Ask a trusted source for help. The time is now to get the help that you need for your life so that you can become all that you can be the very best version of yourself.

stop waiting for someone else to come along and force you into change or stop waiting on some situation to happen that will force you to change. That’s not how we wanna change. We wanna listen to encouragement. We want the Holy Spirit to guide us. We wanna be convicted and convinced that there is something better out there. It’s time that your eyes may be opened to the truth. It’s rehab time, you know, none of us are walking around. Perfect. And the very thought of it is sickening. You know, we can. change things about ourselves. We can have fun with life in that way. You know, buying ourselves a new outfit, but don’t be consumed with these things.

No, we have to move on to more real things about ourselves. We need to stop avoiding the real situ. , stop covering it up with fancy jewelry and expensive clothes. Let’s get to the nitty gritty. Let’s be authentic and admit that we’re not perfect. You know, all this perfection. The need to be perfect around us through social media is really damaging our mental. Social media is like a highlight reel. Much of it. We don’t always wanna look at the truth about ourselves. So instead, we are on social media comparing ourselves with others, and we’ve all done it. But I’m encouraging you today to look internally. about the things that you don’t like about yourself, the things that you need to change, and really pray about it and start working on baby steps so that you can become a better person.

Remember it’s progress, not perfection. Quit aiming to please everyone be concerned. with God. And to do that, we have to spend more time with God, and more time opening our Bible instead of social media. You know, life is a journey and it’s okay to admit, Hey, this is hard for me. I’m struggling here. You know, I’m addicted to social media.

I’m addicted to treating people badly. I have an anger issue. These are all things that we need to get out into the open. Everybody could use a counselor these days, the right one. Find someone that you can trust. Find someone. That is a Christian that can be trusted and really knows what they are doing.

It’s time to get real. It’s rehab time, and thank you for joining me today. hope you have a blessed week. And remember, the best is yet to.

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