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March 25, 2023

Take Courage: Jesus Is Here ???????? || EP62


In this episode of the Legendary Faith podcast, Alisa Massey encourages listeners to have courage and believe in miracles again. Massey draws inspiration from Mark 6:30, where Jesus feeds 5000 and Mark 6:45, where Jesus walks on water, and the disciples forget the miracle he performed earlier. 

Massey challenges listeners to examine their own hearts and overcome the distractions that keep them from receiving Jesus’ miracle works. She emphasizes that Jesus still performs miracles in people’s lives but sometimes, they are unable to receive them because their hearts are hardened. Massey encourages listeners to take courage despite their fears and doubts and remember that Jesus is always present. She concludes by urging listeners to serve others, especially when they are in pain, and believe that miracles are always possible.

Key Points ????
  • In episode 62, “Take Courage. Jesus is Here,” the host encourages listeners to believe in miracles again.
  • She cites the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000 and walking on water as examples of his miracle-working power.
  • The host challenges listeners to examine their hearts to see if they have become hardened to Jesus’ miracles because of the distractions and challenges of the world.
  • She encourages listeners to take courage and choose to fight through the storms of life, despite fear and doubt.
  • Serving others and focusing on making disciples can help take our minds off of our own struggles and help us find our purpose.
  • The host acknowledges that sometimes we may not receive the miracles we want or need, but we can trust that Jesus is with us in our struggles and that he can use them to draw us closer to him.
  • The key message is to believe in Jesus’ miracle-working power, take courage in the face of life’s challenges, and trust in his plan for our lives.

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