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January 19, 2023

God’s Story Through Yours: How To Share Your Story To Help Others ????|| EP: 55

Ready to make an impact on others with your story of hope? Be encouraged that with God’s plan, your hardship serves a greater purpose. Have a renewed sense of hope in this episode 55, God’s Story Through Yours: How To Share Your Story To Help Others
Key Points ????
•On the Finding Hope Show, Episode 55, God’s story through yours was discussed.
• Life is not always what it’s cracked up to be and we all have a projection of how our story should go.
• However, when God is involved in your life it can lead you on a journey with unexpected twists and turns that are meant to help others find hope.
• It’s important to take action now as life is short and recognize that there will be struggles but they don’t mean the end of your story or its potential happy ending if you involve God in it.
• Don’t listen to negative voices; instead focus on finding resources online safely then get out into the world using your gifts for good so that others may benefit from them too!
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